Internship: Your best choice yet.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” –Albert Einstein

If you’re still a student, your eyes are set on those numbers you need to hit just so you can march your way out of the University as soon as you can and you say to yourself “ it will be over soon”.

Will it? . . . Hold your fire there freshy, cause as soon as you step out your University as a graduate, your battle is yet to start.

The job market is basically a battlefield for everybody now; it’s a competition between you and your BFF you promised to grow old with, that BULLY you ought to send to Mars , your COUSIN who’s smarter than you, your EX from that summer break and all of those who are UNEMPLOYED or those who are simply looking for a new job. Apart from the tight competition, employers make it even harder for fresh graduates to land a job due to their requirements.

Why?Because they are basically asking you to have an experience before you earn an experience from them; “You need an experience to get experience.” 

So how do you win the battle? Be armed and be prepared! Have an Internship!

Why is it the BEST choice?

1. It will give you the edge among others.

Regardless of your course, ranking in school, physical appearance or how you’re related at the company, your resume might still end up in the trash if you don’t have the “experience” they all are looking for.

Most of the time, applicants just send their CV/Resume online or drop it off physically. Either way, you’ll be living with just your CV/Resume to speak for yourself.

Tip: Make sure your CV stands out, not in a way that you put a fancy border, intricate fonts and a selfie as a 2×2 picture . Make sure it’s neat and professional at all times. It’s all about it’s content and how you present them. You are presenting yourself through that piece of paper/s.

By looking through a perfectly made resume, they will notice you have an INTERNSHIP which is an actual work experience whether it was taken before or after graduation. That itself will give you an edge among other applicants. Why? Because they will already know that you have an idea of what and how to do things, training you will be easier for them because you already know what your getting yourself into.

2. It is both LIFE and WORK experience.

It is a life experience, especially if you’ll have it far from home; may it be out of the city or out of the county. You’ll be even more independent, you’ll have a bitter-sweet taste of  adulthood, you’ll be able to assess your own strength and weaknesses. You will learn that there’s so much to life than those books that your parents plead you to read each night, you’ll have a sense of responsibility as if you’re actually doing something worthwhile…which you are.

I had an international internship, from Philippines I travelled across the globe to Miami. Where I learned to be even more responsible as a whole. There you’ll be responsible for your own housing, meals, bills, shopping??? and you may even be responsible to send your sister to school. More than an intern, you’ll actually start feeling like an OFW and you’ll learn to appreciate an empathize with them even more. All while broadening your knowledge through training.

It’s a work experience simply because you are doing what a regular employee is doing. EVERYTHING . . . and maybe even more.

3. Intern to Full-time employee!

Although it’s a slim chance, there are companies that absorb interns. Since you’ll be working with them, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase them your knowledge, skills, talent, commitment and that you truly could be an asset to them. They have already invested time and money to train you, hence it would also be beneficial for them to have you but that would all depend on your performance.

4. Travel and make new friends around globe.

This is for both local and international internships. How? As I’ve said, you are now independent! You can have a quick drive out of the city or hop on a plane for that best weekend yet without curfews!!!! Go travel with your newfound workmate buddies, friends from the university you’re missing  or your high school besties you haven’t seen in ages! It’s all up to you how you’ll handle your time.

Pro tip: It’s better to have an international internship for your travel goals. SUMMER, SPRING, FALL, WINTER and the best of all is the CULTURAL EXCHANGE.

5. Earn extra for your future.

Internship in a way is actually an investment as well, companies won’t train you for free and if you’re opting for an international internship it could be expensive as well . . .BUT you’ll be able to earn it back and probably even 50% more . . . IF you just work smart and handle your expenses right.

Think of internships as an investment wherein you earn not just money but also the experience you’ll need to be a full-time employee in the future. It’s truly a win-win opportunity.

As someone who’s been an exchange student or a J1 (this is the visa for interns/trainees) I can confidently say all of these things are based on my experience. Even with my 3-month work and travel program back then made a huge difference and helped me land a job in less than a month after my graduation! I became more mature and now I have friends all across the globe. I was able to travel, earn experience, meet new friends, and in a way I saved some bucks for myself. 

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If you have other questions regarding internships or how my experience was feel free to leave a message or email me. I’ll make a separate post about my experience as well.

For my internship at Miami, my visa sponsor was American Hospitality Academy.

There’s also a community on facebook called Exchange Students USA wherein they post about how life is as an exchange student. You’ll definitely be able to relate and you’ll find yourself laughing and tagging your long distance friends.

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  1. nice one! great job … just keep going and pursue your dreams 🙂


  2. This is very good.


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